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Adha commented on Test & Iterate: Tech Petting Zoo

Kristina Stem ,

Your Test/Iterate plan is so thorough! I'm so curious to see how it goes and what you learn. Is there anything you are unsure about during this phase?


Adha commented on Test & Iterate - Earth Day Project

Jessica Campbell ,

Thank you for sharing your reflection on the Test/Iterate phase of the design journey. I really like that you used a variety of methods to look for observations and behaviors. I know that Earth Day is right around the corner - very exciting!


Adha commented on Test and Iterate

Jessicca Shaffer ,

Thank you for being adaptable and adjusting during this design journey - a characteristic necessary for teacher leadership, because we all know that the school year has twists and turns. I'm curious to see what you come up with the rest of this year.