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Adha commented on A Glimpse into How Technology is Used in Classrooms

Tommie Ebanez 

Thank you for sharing your Empathy reflection! I'm so intrigued to see what you create this year. It's clear that there is a need for students AND teachers in how tech is used in the classroom. How might you support folks to feel successful with tech in the classroom?

Oana Seremeta 

Thank you for sharing the results of your Honors survey. I'm curious what your insights are from this data. Were there any open ended response opportunities as well?


Adha commented on What does Collaboration Look like?

Rashida Haveliwala ,

I really enjoyed reading your Empathy reflection. You clearly entered conversations with educators with humility and genuine value in collective efficacy.

I wonder what you will be inspired to create. In my five years in the classroom, I co-taught every single year, so I have plenty of experience in getting folks to collaborate. And there are differences between co-teaching, co-planning, and collaborating - subtle differences. Additionally, I 100% agree that people need personal connection before they enter a collaborative relationship.

Looking forward to working with you this year. Please feel free to e-mail me and we can bounce ideas off of each other!