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Andrew commented on Checklist-Style Project Goals

Just a thought. Consider replacing the smiley faces. A frown doesn't really express the spirit of being in progress. Seems discouraging and negative and only seems to reward finishing, not the process of struggling and the journey?


Andrew commented on Show Me

Well said! True of good writing too...don't tell me the character was scared, SHOW ME. Were they shaking in their boots? Was sweat dripping of their nose? Were they having trouble speaking?

I will think more about the connection between good assessment and good writing, perhaps they have the same nature?


Andrew commented on Co-Created Rubrics

Hi. I noticed something about the rubric that may be important to reconsider... the rubric focused on grammar in 4 items, 1 item on penmanship, 1 item on formatting, 1 item on author pride, and only a single item on content/style asking about details. This seems heavily weighted towards the mechanics, rather than creativity, accuracy, clear writing, sense of style, humor, tone, mood, word choice, etc. which some might argue is the center...the very reason we communicate something important to someone else. The mechanics support the whole. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing the design.