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JD, this is incredible and so relevant for both students and adults! I LOVE this idea and almost wonder if it's an opportunity for teachers to transparently experience this process alongside students. Have you tried this before? Super curious to hear more about how it went!


Alysha commented on You are the Digital Superhero!

Ling, I love this so much! At The Guild, we often use Superpower Cards by SYPartners. I wonder if there's a variation of this where you could incorporate something like this into the curriculum. The examples of student work are incredible. This is very cool. Thank you so much for sharing!!


Alysha commented on Sharing Stories, Making Connections

Wow! Greg, thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment. Totally agreed--technology has potential to connect everyone in ways that feel really authentic & develop personal relationships. You're absolutely correct! I LOVE the idea of having students also tell the stories of their new friends; such a great empathy building exercise and exercise in listening. Thanks Greg!