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Alysha commented on Co- Planning a Child's Learning

Daniel Huecker Hey Daniel! Thank you so much for sharing! This is super cool and I could see it being a resource that's super useful for parents, teachers, and students. I'm curious if there is a digital version of this. Might be cool to share a few pages with the community for some inspiration! I also wonder what a digital version might look like as a prototype for someone who just wanted to try this out. Maybe there's a creative way to use Google Calendars or Docs to co-design something with parents. Anyway, thank you for sharing! I love this idea


Alysha commented on Informal Enrichment Connection Nights

Nicole Cummings Wow! This is such a fun activity; Thank you for this idea. Creating together is such a powerful way to build community and deepen connection. It reminds me a bit of all the fun paint night activities that are popping up; It could be super cool to think about creative ways to showcase the work they create. Maybe it becomes an exhibit that greets people when they enter the school? Or maybe different pieces are showcased during school wide meetings, etc. and the artists get to share their work/inspiration? Anyway, I'm inspired by this! Thank you for your contribution!


Alysha commented on Parent Navigation

Theresa Shadrix Hey Theresa!! I LOVE the idea of using Shadow a Student as an opportunity for both families and parents to better understand the student experience. I also appreciate that you shared a resource with the community that might be useful for others. Thank YOU! With the hallway challenge you mentioned, did you end up bringing together families and students to help design around this? I'm curious how you played with the physical space to help both families and students better navigate the school. Thank you so much for your contribution!