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Alysha commented on Interviewing students

Hi Alexandra Downing Thanks so much for sharing your empathy insights with the community. I love that you took the time to conduct empathy interviews with a couple students. Were you surprised by anything they shared? I wonder how your relationship with the students might have also impacted what they shared with you. I love that they're having such a positive school experience, especially with STEM. It might be interesting to conduct an interview with one of the students they referenced as struggling and getting extra support from their teachers. It seems like there might be opportunities to gain some rich insights from students who might be struggling a bit more to identify potential design opportunities.


Alysha commented on Empathy in Math class

Hi Tanisha Lucero So great to see you on The Guild platform. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with the community. I'm also a huge fan of timelapse videos! It's such a great way to capture moments you might miss in the moments of chaos. It's so interesting that you were surprised by their sustained engagement. What do you think contributed to this? Do you think you would have observed the same type of behavior with a different group of students? I wonder if conducting a couple follow up interviews might also provide additional insight to your observations. This is incredible! Thanks again for sharing!


Alysha commented on Empathy activity

Hi Dawn, would love to learn more about this activity! Thank you so much for getting a post started!