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Alysha commented on HyperDocs as a Communication Tool/Newsletter

Chad Gangwer I LOVE this idea; I wonder about making it accessible to families that might not have access to technology. I'm also wondering if you saw We have Teacher Newsletters-- why not Parent Newsletters? Let's hear from the Parents! post by Jennifer Gaspar- Santos Could be a cool source of additional inspo or a good person for you to connect with.

Ashley Withers Ashley, thanks so much for having the courage to share your idea with The Teachers Guild community! I love that you're approaching this idea with a lens for inclusion for all families--not just from the lens of language, but also from the lens of accessibility and communication tools. I could see a further build on this integrating some sort of training around cultural humility or implicit bias training for educators. Thank you again!

Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom Aaron, thank you for sharing! This idea genuinely made me smile. I love that this is grounded in the alignment of shared dreams and starts with the foundation of understanding that parents and teachers are both invested in the holistic growth and dreams of the student. There's also so much research on the impact of home visits. A really cool prototype to build might be a sample agenda or conversation starters for the visit to help guide the conversation, especially for a teacher that might be trying this for the first time. I love this! Thank you for both the idea and for sharing your personal experience.