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Dan commented on Entrepreneurial Institute

Hi Emma,
Thanks for your interest!  I taught Design thinking (I capitalize to differentiate abductive problem solving from designing how something looks or works) as my version of an Interdisciplinary Studies class.  The class consisted of first understanding wicked problems and identifying the systems in which they are embedded, followed by practice in Design thinking via in-classroom games, and then a class-wide case study in which we all used the process together.  Finally, each class group chose its own wicked problem and applied Design thinking to move it toward resolution.  That's the class--my posting idea grew more out of wanting to move Design thinking from a peripheral curiosity to the central position it deserves in education and beyond.  (I had attempted to add Design to the ID state standards then being defined but found administrators and legislators to be far too numbers/factory oriented to appreciate it.)


Dan commented on Entrepreneurial Institute

Hi Molly,
Thanks for your tips!  While I have generally begun Design thinking from a wicked problem statement, I find the more holistic descriptions of challenges/solutions that are posted on this site suggest many wicked problems and different approaches to them--all the better for ideating!  I had originally subscribed to this site as part of my research for creating a class, but revisiting it now I am encouraged by all the important work educators are doing.  Cheers!