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Sara commented on Round Trip Ticket Mashup

I'd add this book to the suitcase: The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life Hardcover – July 7, 2015
by Bernard Roth

I gravitate to the adventure of this and think about the skills needed right out of the box: an innovator's mindset is vital and might be developed incrementally in the participating school. How might warm up activities foster the spirit of the adventure? Wold that be part of the DIY kit? 

Agreed! Agreed! Why not cap off a field trip with a PD workshop!

...and here is a bit of an extension. How might schools/school districts develop partnerships so we could cross-sector schedule PD? An event at a school for business developers? Educators at a board room? Mixing into the PD design forces a hybrid environment/mindset.