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Amelia commented on Walk-Waze: Every surface is fair game.

My email is

I am realizing it's PT and not ET, so I'll do my best. Will you still be on at 12:30 PT? I could jump in as soon as I can. Would love to participate! Will aim to spend time Monday with the Google doc.


Amelia commented on Walk-Waze: Every surface is fair game.

Moss, I have to revisit that book, but it was my favorite for years during art school! I was recently shown the work of Buff Diss.
I bought a ton of colored masking and electrical tape for my high school art classes, anticipating using it in my Design In Action class. This class was developed through my experiences using the dSchool's materials on Design Thinking, and it's my second year teaching it. I'm so excited by this Walk-Waze topic! My class's first big project is to go and interview the 3rd and 4th graders, for which actual classroom space and walkways are currently unavailable. The brand new building isn't ready for occupancy yet, so the teachers took the kiddos to a cardboard museum art exhibit, set up a huge tent, and every student, with a partner, is building their own cardboard building- ultimately making their own cardboard city next to the almost-open new building. I will wait to see what emerges from my student interviews, but I have begun to imagine a number of projects--
Using the colored tape to create directions from one building to the next. We could use some color theory, and begin with one end of the spectrum and end up at the other end.
Mile markers. Our school is pre-K through 12th grade. We could make smallish signs that have chalk boards, and there could be cool events that happened at those locations updates as they occur. "Nora built a fairy house in LS today!" "Julia was a great senior leader at the retreat!"

The signs could also, on occasion, act as a school-wide scavenger hunt- so one sign could ask for folks to find the place where Chemistry is studied (so they go to the sign outside the Science Resource building), then from there, maybe they are asked to go to the place where the cardboard city is being built...this offers cross unit connections and awareness of innovations across campus.

Oh, what about Innovation alerts?? It could be that these small signs are mounted or on sign posts around campus, and current exciting events or things worth sharing could be announced there.

Niranjan, the snakes and ladders game sounds exciting. We have a very dynamic campus in terms of staircases and bridges, and there was an idea recently (came from the Senior class) to add colorful footprints (truly using tempera-dipped feet) across the bridges leading to activities. I'd love to imagine that we could have a moment during certain days (special schedules, etc) where we could play a giant snakes and ladders game all over our campus- certain clues or even assessments could happen over the course of the 'course'.

Elysa, I really like the baton idea. I was reminded of this cool stop animation graffiti artist's video-
-so the mural or panels of a project keeps moving and changing as different classes take it on. Maybe each teacher gets a number of colorful sticky notes to prototype something that could end up more permanent.

I'll try to be more succinct in the future! Just wanted to share a number of ideas here as I thought of them. Cheers!


Amelia commented on Walk-Waze: Every surface is fair game.

I'm imagining my Portfolio class taking on the challenge of creating a welcoming path to the Studio, and each year the new group can re-imagine it together. As we are in a separate building, it seems likely that walking over the transition-identified space would allow students to feel more inspired to shift gears. Great!