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Tiffany commented on Flipping Cultures to Get into Their Shoes!

Are you envisioning a target age group for this? High school immediately pops into my head. What do you think about a work project where a diverse group of kids are required to interact in order to complete a task (similar to The Peace Corps, The Breakfast Club, Missions Trip, etc.)? The project site could be at a house of worship (multi-faith), or in a context where the dominant language becomes the minority (ie. building a house in Spanish). All of the prejudices, biases, etc. will quickly come to the forefront to be worked through. If done well, these experiences are super powerful. All parties involved will be forever changed, and there will be something (or some place) tangible to go back to. This was my experience as a missions trip team member in high school and a VFP (Volunteer for Peace) as an adult. Hmmm...


Tiffany commented on Quadblogging

I think 4th - 6th grade students would really get the most out of this experience. It would be amazing to connect with classrooms in many different parts of the world, to see and feel some striking contrasts. I would love to connect with classrooms in Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Thailand, Japan, China, South Korea, France ~ Pretty much everywhere and anywhere with virtual capabilities!! ;) The video pen pal idea would be incredible for middle school and high school students as well.


Tiffany commented on Quadblogging

Awesome! Thanks, Donna! I'm looking forward to ideating this afternoon too. :)