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Caroline commented on Immersion, Inspiration and Real Outcomes

Interesting in collaborating. Design Thinking is a great way to change PD


Caroline commented on Listen with Open Ears

So critical and area that impacts success for PD. I like  two words when people share, "Thank You." Then I do not respond. A little like Quaker sharing style. Everyone heard. Thanks for bringing this to the discussion


Caroline commented on Lab Space for k 12 Innovation

The steps taken since I first published the lab idea I have developed on three fronts. New ideas to me are like a blank wall with me coming along and tagging with a paint ball. I have presented to colleagues at my site, my administrators and the district tech subcommittee to the school board. PD has to change. Three paint balls. As others start talking they add their paint balls. At first people don't what this image is. But with the more community members who add their ideas it takes shape. People see it and either like the idea, improve the idea or reject it as unworkable. At dschool they shared the first step is empathy not just for the outcome for all those who share along the way. the result will be a community and shared idea that may not look anything like the original. Being open and excited about that process is where I am now. The questions and resources people have shared with me are great. Thank you and lets keep talking.