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Annick commented on Student-Led IEPs

I completely agree. Education is much more valuable when students are active participants rather than passive recipients. My son had an IEP from 3rd grade to 9th grade. In the later grades, he participated in the process. I always thought it was important for him to know what the IEP said and what he could reasonably expect to happen the the classroom. What better way to advocate for yourself than to be an active participant in the process.


Annick commented on Standards "Bingo"

I love this idea--especially how it has the teacher and student working as partners in the learning.


Annick commented on Multiple Opportunities to Demonstrate Mastery in Math

I want to move away from the anxiety-provoking high-stakes testing we typically associate with math class. Our empathy surveys showed that students dislike math. I'm doing what I can to try to make it less scary and less focused on speed. The students have been told that we have standards that should be mastered by the end of the year. It might take some of them longer to get there, and that is okay. The goal is to get there in the end. As a student, that would have certainly lowered my anxiety. It switches the mindset, too. We become partners in progressing towards mastery instead of test-taker and evaluator. I'd like to say goodbye to the days of, "You get it or you don't, it's time to move on."