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Cathy commented on Cross Curricula Civics (C3)

I find this idea very exciting and motivating. It's the kind of project I could dive deep into both as a student and a teacher.  I love how it involves so many disciplines from the practical application of precise mathematical calculations, to focused knowledge  about the area to be served to the right-brained envisioning and then implementation of creating appropriate housing and and other temporary buildings and services. Math was my least favorite subject in school but engaging in a project like this would make math meaningful  because it's an essential tool to contributing to helping others in need. 


Cathy commented on Me, You, Us!

So many powerful resources you've shared. What time frame would you recommend for this lesson?


Cathy commented on According to my students: immigration matters

Teresa, I am an ESL teacher of adults, mostly refugees, who didn't have a voice in their country.  I like this writing activity for many reasons, especially because it's a direct way students can immediately experience having a voice. They can grow their voice and their English at the same time.