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Gavin commented on Preflight: Real-World Challenges in the Classroom

Thanks for the links Elsa, I'll get busy!


Gavin commented on I need an expert!

I love your idea! Check out my Preflight idea... (
One of the biggest challenges for me has been matching teachers with professionals. This would be a perfect solution!

The questionnaire would be an easy 5 minute thing for parents to do at the beginning of the year, and they could even choose to continue with the program after their child has moved on.

There could also be a place to encourage non-parents to fill it out and join the database, so that you could get an even wider array of people.

Do you have any ideas on how to move this forward? What type of website would work well for this?


Gavin commented on Think - Tinker -Tada - Guided Mastery in Innovation

I love how you have made design thinking more accessible for younger kids! I think it is really important for kids to have the space to create new things and solve problems even if they don't really have a way to put it into a "design thinking" framework.

I really like the idea of the awards for crazy ideas and highest # of ideas- creative way to encourage effective brainstorming!

How are things going now? What are your next steps? Will it continue or expand this fall?