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Karen commented on Peer Coaching - Learn From Your Colleagues!

Hi, Patti,

Thank you so much for sharing your model for peer coaching. It is so imperative to be able to have learning focused conversations in order to improve instruction. We have invited Laura Lipton to SCOE to do four days on Learning Focused Conversation very similar to your model with lots of specific questioning strategies. I think peer to peer coaching is some of the most powerful professional learning.


Karen commented on We're in this together

Let's talk about re-imagining master schedules!


Karen commented on Your best learning comes from outside of school.

When I think about my own experience as a classroom teacher, I am certain that the times I was at my very best was when I was teaching through my passions and interests. Those classrooms experiences were the most rewarding for both myself as a teacher and my students as well. The thing that shines through is the sheer joy of learning.