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KRISTIN commented on Self-Run Classroom

Your vision is similar to what I have had too.  Sometimes, I felt like I was getting close when I taught 5th grade.  The students were given menus with required activities, choice sections, and student created independent projects.  It worked beautifully one year. Since then, challenges I've noticed have been: vast differences in student levels and maturity, lack of technology, and incorporating all required skills into student choice activities or projects.  I believe if you had some time to plan stations and more technology it would really help you go in the right direction.


KRISTIN commented on Struggling readers in STEM classes

This is something I think about also.  Our struggling readers often have unidentified strengths in math or science.  If we can build a strong literacy foundation, students will also be able to communicate in the languages of science and math.  Using writing to explain how to do a math operation is one idea.  Students could then write a script and produce a learning video to share with other students.