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Garth commented on Real World Problem Solving

Hi Sarah, 
I like this idea and think it has a lot of potential. I've added you to my team for my idea because there is some overlap. I'd love your input!


Garth commented on Lumosity For Character

This has potential for sure. It would be interesting to see if you could break down the game into different segments: "Who are you at home?", "Who are you with your friends?", and "Who are you at school" (etc...). This allows them to see that character, and the ability to apply its characteristics, are fluid.

Oh my gosh! Is there a pokemon-go! concept that can be applied here too! :)


Garth commented on Character, Char-ACT-er and Care-Actor

Hey there, thanks for the question. Check out my IDEATE pitch. What I have in mind are more immersive experiences that are held over a longer period of time. Perhaps, though, you might be interested in the "Take-a-Stand" piece, where students have to explore, research and take action on an issue. Afterwards, they have to 'take a stand' on that issue which ultimately reveals character.