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Nicole commented on Parent Coffee Chats

Hey Lauren,

My name is Nicole Cummings and I am an Ambassador at The Guild. Thank you so much for sharing your idea, we are excited to have you as apart of our Teachers Guild it takes a team collaboration. I agree simply getting parents in the building so vital. You mentioned above that you all noticed a decrease in parent anxiety through events such as this. Do you mind sharing more about how you all are gathering data pertaining to how parents are feeling and what they need? I am looking forward to hearing more about this idea.


Nicole commented on Informal Enrichment Connection Nights

Thank you all. It really was a fun evening, and my big hope is that teachers and families can see the power in building relationships with one another for the sake of pushing the student forward. When kids no matter what age can see that they are cared for and that the adults around them are working together, they become more secure in who they are. When I got to debrief with teachers they were excited to learn more about the parents, in the debriefing with the parents many of them were amazed by the one on one interactions that their children had with the teachers. When talking with the students they were just excited to have the adults they love in the same room. At this particular school, I will have another event extending to the same families and opening it up to other grades.