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Of course I remember you :) And, I believe we have some mutual friends out there in Colorado. It was great to "see" you here!

I love this - Samantha Sutton, then of the Handel Life Coaching Group, did some wonderful work with young folks in the "Design Your Life" program for teens and young adults.    I can put you in contact with her if you're interested. I'm also in a circle of folks using Design Thinking as a proxy for life coaching methods (there are some surprising commonalities!) in colleges around the country - interesting to reach this out beyond college to the folks who have no obvious platform for such courses (yet).


Ela commented on Many Paths, Many Summits

Hi Chris and Dan - I love where this was headed, did you develop it?  This message - of many chances - seems to be one of the most powerful we can offer to young people.  

How might this live in, or alongside traditional college?  Is it a seminar? I have a seminar at Olin college where students use design thinking to explore anything in life/school with coaching from me and each other.  It's so lovely seeing them pursue their own questions, under their own motivation.  I sense you intended something bigger here though - even an alternate "track" in which majors are declared later.  Or, an additional year (financially prohibitive, I realize) - an interesting bridge with the "service year" idea.  Regardless of scale, how might you help make sure students find some [initial] answers as they explore, and learn how to continue to see the world as an open, forgiving place as they emerge into "real" college/life?