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Thanks for the response! I did not ask them about after school participation; I should have thought about that. I will next time. I thought of work commitments, but I think you may be right that some of them are just shy. We are working hard to be welcoming and give newcomers something to play with right away, but we need more.

Gray Bae is the reason I was in MESA which is what led directly to my work here! His MESA team wanted a high school chapter, and I ended up being "voluntold" to take part. I'm glad. Gray, Blake, and I collaborate readily on MESA, and he often visits our program. Having his students visit--or maybe having me or Blake go down to Walters--is a great idea.

I don't know where to add this, but as a result of my empathy activity, I asked our registrar to send out a note to all KHS students telling them that the Design class did not require math, and that it was a great way to explore new technologies, particularly for seniors. I picked up TEN new students, most as a result of that note or the talking I did about the survey--which I probably wouldn't have done if I hadn't needed an empathy activity! Three of them are girls. At least two are African American, and a number are Hispanic. So my class is now 24, which will give me a good group to study and ask questions of about after school participation.

At the Design Guild meeting, I met Derick Lee of Pilot City. He came up with two great externships that my colleague Blake and I will be attending in February. I can't wait to see what's up with that--and then there' sthe Feb Design meeting as well. Busy month!