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Jennifer commented on HyperDocs as a Communication Tool/Newsletter

Great Post Chad! I like the template that you share. I wonder if you would feel okay posting a public one that folks can make a copy of so we can have some folks test it here in the Guild.

Also, how do you imagine getting buy in from teachers who are less reluctant with tech?


Jennifer commented on The Feedback Triangle

Yes and let me know if you want to jump on a hangout so I can show you some things you can do with dojo. These are good videos here too:


Jennifer commented on The Feedback Triangle

Mary I like this idea of an audit and how it provides a check and balance for the communication patterns between parent and teacher.

Building on this, can you share how we would measure the efficicy of the audit? What desired behaviors/communication patterns or metrics (number of face to face meetings, quality of the meeting, depth of the conversation) can you imagine?
Also as a tool, have you used Class Dojo? It's great at documenting parent-teacher communication. You can check it out here: