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Very true. I think our grading system is to broad. There are many different subjects covered in each semester. I believe report cards should be more specific as to what the student is struggling with and not give them a C because they were at C level while doing fractions if they were at an A level in percentages. There needs to be a format whereby parents can specifically see what their child is having a hard time with so they can provide the proper support at home.

Thanks for the feedback. Jessica, I like your thought on this. It might help the student to express themselves as well. Using humor to rate how well they understand the curriculum. Turning in a HW assignment, using an emoji or a Meme to let the teacher know how they felt about the assignment and how easy or complicated it was for them. By doing this, I believe it would be easier for students to express themselves when having a hard time, without being ashamed.


Rosemary commented on Parent Navigation

This is amazingly accurate! As a parent, I feel that most public schools don’t make you feel welcomed. And yes! Times have changed so much! It is so important for us, as parents, to have the opportunity to see first hand what is happening in schools today, what is expected, how things should be done. A lot has changed since I was in elementary school and I would definitely benefit from being introduced to the new curriculum. We need our scholars teachers to help us help them! It takes a team!!!