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Tom commented on Pop Up Classroom (What if?)

I love the inquiry / design lab. I think its gets at different elements and in different ways than the idea here though. My view only, but the idea here can create a culture of innovation without changing the curriculum at all. The inquiry / design lab goes much further; it shifts the whole learning process. I think potentially that would have a more far reaching impact, but would be much harder to implement in your 'average' school. As I read all of these, I try to read them through a number of lenses, one of which is 'if I had 15 minutes to persuade the principal of an inner-city Oakland school to do this, could I and how would I?'


Tom commented on Pop Up Classroom (What if?)

I'm not Emma but love the idea!

I think any resource / guide has to have two levels. One for the teacher in a resource constrained, and potentially freedom constrained school. A second, which can have equipment or furniture guides etc...for those with more budget / freedom. Of course this doesn't need to be presented as two options, but just needs to be accessible to a wide range of classrooms.

I really like it! (tried thinking of something myself but creative juices clearly not flowing today!) Maybe IdeaLabs? It was more the term disruptive that put me off.