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Looks like I missed the build phase. Sorry guys. I've actually been doing quite a bit of work on this project--just haven't had a chance to check-in here. Here's the website where I've begun to compile info about my design process, but it's nowhere near done. I'm working on building a design thinking curriculum focused on empathy & civic engagement that aligns with units and essential questions in the NYC K-5 Social Studies Scope & Sequence. Stay tuned and feel free to use any of the curricular materials once they're posted!

Lesson Plans (only Lesson 1 is complete):

Student Packet for Lesson 1:


Elana commented on Purposeful change- design thinking

Thanks for adding me to your team, Sarah!

Here are links to the lesson and student packet I created for my first design-thinking lesson with kids. There's also a skeleton for the remaining four lessons I intend to teach in the deck, but I haven't managed to finish them yet. I taught Lesson 1 this past Monday, but don't have time to post all my observations and insights right now unfortunately!