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Jonathan commented on Speak about

Thank you Megan. Sorry for the delay to answer. First of all I told to my students experiences that I had lived about my ethnicity, my experience with some gay students that I had in another classes, about my religion (candomblé), and other situations envolving diversity I had experienced in my life. My father is also teacher, and he told me many things about his students, that was from poor communities.

The project was applied in a semester, being one half just studying the theme, and a half producing de ad campaings.

My students are about 19-25 years old. It's an university, than they are in the end of teenaging and starting their adult phase.

Tell me what classes you teach and, perhaps, I could help you.


Jonathan commented on Speak about

Hi Megan. Thank you. Some of the projects were used by real organizations. And the presentation of the project was opened for more academics of the university.


Jonathan commented on Speak about

Trust was established early on with the first conversation I had with the class. The discipline deals with the creation of campaigns to support social causes and non-governmental entities, and this is made clear from the beginning.

My conversation with the academics is also very frank and clear of any prejudice. I myself am black and adept at Candomblé, I do many readings on human rights and I am strictly against homophobia or transphobia.

Speaking openly, without embarrassing, and not forcing them to accept anything, but to think with the eyes of others, the class has already established the necessary confidence.

In the following link you can see one of the videos produced for the campaign against homophobia and transphobia, developed by one of the teams.