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Sandee commented on Growthfiti

Thanks, Margaret! Kaitlyn Huston was with me from our school, but I am not sure she's on the guild. I will chat with her today. The gentleman in our group was a presenter. I'll look back in the conference materials and see if I can remember his name. I am not sure who the other woman was.


Sandee commented on Growthfiti

Thanks for posting this, Margaret! Can you add the names of all of us who collaborated in this group at ILC? Thank you!


Sandee commented on 1% Improvement


Great points! I think a lot of teachers suffer from change fatigue. There always seems to be some new approach or initiative to adopt. Remembering that we don't have to do everything, just adopt the one or two pieces that seems to have most impact, can be a lifesaver. Thank you!