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Cynthia Blair commented on College Bound Toolbox

Hello Omar,

Thank you for your comments and great information regarding Linked In tips for students - we just had a rep come visit the school. Mine is in sore need of updating. 
My audience is really the middle group of students who cannot afford a high priced consultant and I do also provide 2 free spots for class for students who cannot afford the class.
The class has been well received - that said there are sections that are intensive that students like the least however, once completed it's the part that really puts them int eh drivers seat - The College Comparison Template. 
The class is designed as an overview - there is a lot of information, so I do need to break this up into smaller components - would love to collaborate - I need to dash int a meeting my number is 650-271-1900

Hi Lori,
I would love to connect. My cell is 650-271-1900. Please give me a call, I am in my office most mornings (writing). March 21-April 1st is my next intersession so I'm booked from 7:30-4 each day. 


Cynthia Blair commented on Passport to College

Yes - Please call me at 650-271-1900