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Michael commented on Students Self-Reporting Formative Data

Thanks for posting about this, Daniel!

Having the student dashboards plug into a teacher dashboard to aggregate self-reported results definitely fundamentally changed things in the classroom (I linked an example of the teacher dash below for reference). Teachers were able to use the data to plan small group instruction, set up struggling students with peers who were having more success with a specific concept, and make visible and integrate data around academic techniques and ownership skills that before were hard to surface as a whole. Seeing, for example, how all 30 students self-monitor and manage their time in "To Do" or set goals and reflect under "Goals" was remarkable. Before, students did this only in their own journals or agendas. Seeing this at the class level opened up teaching and supporting these skills in exciting ways.

To speak to Emma's comment, having these teacher dashes also allowed for data conversations between colleagues and also administrators in dispassionate and accessible ways. It provided the means to norm around data and connect it directly to practice in a safe way.

Here is the student dash you linked:

Here is an example of the teacher dash aggregating everything:

Peak at the different tabs at the bottom of each to check out the different examples above like "Goals," "Reflections," "Assessments," and "Planner." Norming around this data in addition to the academic was really transformative.