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Ma'am, it's just like we read in the chapter 'On Education' in our English curriculum. The teachers have a wonderful platform to create a safe environment for students to allow themselves to take risks, push themselves to think beyond and catch a whiff of the same passion for learning that our teachers exude. When we take learning from the classroom to the Internet and Social Media, we experience a different kind of joy. Our own minds beg us to be curious and explore more- as the age-old adage says, "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

As a student that has enormously benefitted because of this idea, a thoughtful student-friendly symbiotic relationship between students, teachers and our ever-encouraging role model Principal took the words "Collaborative Learning" to a whole new level. It worked, it helped and it gave us another reason to not deactivate our Facebook accounts temporarily, as they were now benefitting us tremendously AND we were having fun whilst solving doubts and getting our doubts solved. It helped us learn not only as individual students, but as a student body, also helping us inculcate values of teamwork and confidence. We have truly never felt closer to our teachers, the connection was not just virtual- it was so much more. A huge shout out for this idea- it is beneficial, it works and it's immense fun. Thank you for the lovely ride :)