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Great reminder for all lesson planning to allow flexibility and wiggle room to cater to the unique personalities of every student. Looking forward to hearing about the options for projects students can take up. I'm running out of artsy ideas suitable for students.


Greg commented on Create a Kindness tree for digital citizenship

i just realized how you started the forest... starting with a grove, becoming a wood, becoming a forest. All these tree projects with unique attributes... a forest of them. IT would be interesting to see all schools having a unique tree type unique to their environment... imagine 100, 1000, 10000 schools... each school's tree hanging countless little treelings/seedlings of good things. This would truly be a forest of goodness! Fundamentally, all these trees would network like a digital forest... a forest in the clouds.


Greg commented on You are the Digital Superhero!

Thanks for directing me to the attachments. They're wonderful--brought a smile to my face today. I love that element very much because it opens a lot of possibilities on how we can stir the imaginations of young kids. Maybe kids can create their super powers and learn to apply them to digital crises and situations. This will let them not only have super powers, but also use them for good. Maybe a team effort like the Avengers... each specialty tackles one aspect of a problem or crises, and let the teamwork develop.