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Jordan commented on STEM Buffets for an expanding Tinkerverse

Hi Grace,

Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragement.  Sorry for the late response.

Would teachers know how to use this? How would you support teachers to know what kinds of monthly item to assign and to help kids tinker?

-The great thing about this is that the teacher doesn't have to do anything except set classroom rules and behavior expectations if necessary.  Other than that, the projects are actually designed to be completely student-centered and think that they will work better if the the teacher just gets out of the way and let the students create on their own.
-Projects will be created by the STEM Buffet team and posted online on the portal.  I think it will be similar to Rube Goldberg challenges where there is a presented end game and a set of constraints.


Jordan commented on STEM Buffets for an expanding Tinkerverse

Hi Maggie,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been swamped the past few weeks.  Thanks so much for your feedback and questions.  I am excited to brainstorming with you as well.

1. How would you come up with the menu items for each month?
- I have spent the past 3 years creating an engineering curriculum at our high school and have read through many different projects from a lot of different curricula and have also created many of my own, I am confident that I would be able to come up with exciting challenges.

What would entice a school or teacher to participate?
-Free stuff and tools!  
-student centered learning
-fun and interactive STEM projects
-low prep time and energy from the teacher


Jordan commented on STEM Buffets for an expanding Tinkerverse

Hi Erin,

Thanks a lot for the feedback and questions, it is much appreciated. Here are my thoughts:

How do you imagine it might differ from the approach of a makerspace?

I think that STEM buffet is in a way is a portable makerspace where the materials that are shipped differ given the project challenge. It gives an overall directive with a lot of variance in terms of ways to solve a problem and tinker with tools and materials. Students are able to use their imaginations and problem solving skills to address the challenge.

Yeah I like that they get to present their creations too. I think that they may be able to keep their final project depending on what the project is and the health of funding.