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Rafael commented on Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn

Hi Thomas! What I hear you saying is that there are some intangibles that are not observable. Is that what you're getting at? I immediately think of empathy, for example. I want to make sure I understand what you mean by invisible learning.


Rafael commented on Build a classroom community

This is so important. Becky, I love how everyone must share a compliment about what somebody specifically did. I teach small groups in second grade along with push in special ed work. In addition to complimenting students and asking them about specific things in their lives, I have found keeping a gentle smile on my face, and recognizing when students build off each others ideas helps my students feel that it's okay to only kind of of know an answer. This helps them take risks. After the group has helped each other piece together an answer, they are many times eager to summarize since I get so excited about it myself when I do it in the beginning of the year "Guys, we're figuring it out!" This way, the encouragement is interwoven throughout the lessons (most of which run at most 30 minutes per group).