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Jeremy commented on Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for PD

Hey All! Sorry for the delay, I've been getting just slaughtered at school!

I love where this idea has gone.

Three things that occurred to me (let me know if these came up in the offline hangouts):

1: A lot of the feedback I got to the Annual Learning Plan I posted (*1) was about the tension between who would be doing the assessing (in this case, to reward the badges). Someone outside the school might be more impartial versus someone internal who would be more able to holistically assess. So I'd be curious to know more about how people go about awarding the badges. In my mind, I see some kind of general criteria for each badge that is posted online/on the app, but then how different people could be assessed to a similar standard is still open. Does each trainer create (or get certified in) their own badges? That also brings us to the second point...

2: People were also really big on the idea that the teacher IEPs be self selected (with possible suggestions) and adaptable to each individual teacher. While the teachers have choice in their badges, it seemed like people were big on the idea of being able to have both casual and rigorous feedback/assessment. There is mention of different levels of each badge, but are there different standards as well (bronze, silver, gold) or does that become too much of a formal assessment.

3: Is there a way for people/schools/boards to create their own badges? It would seem obvious that they could, but then a question of rigour seems to come up. Is there some kind of a 'seal of approval' that the badges can get from a peer review (or a trainer review) to make sure that the official badges have enough rigour (and that badges that might not are given feedback on what might make them more rigorous). It would seem like a good idea to organize them by potential time commitment/difficulty, but maybe that's going a bit overboard and over structured.

Anyway, that's what came to mind. I'd love to know your thoughts, and am bummed to have been out to lunch on this phase!



Jeremy commented on I.P.D.P- Individual Professional Development Plan

It is DEFINITELY meant to be evaluative, and so loses a lot of its underlying purpose. 

Also, I figured I wouldn't hijack your thread so I started it as a new one. I'm curious about how else we can get away from that need for it to be evaluative, as well as reasonable to implement (it would seem like it would take quite a few teachers quite a bit of time to implement a genuine, individualized process, and I don't know if schools/teachers would go for the cost/hours.


Jeremy commented on I.P.D.P- Individual Professional Development Plan

Hey All,
In Toronto, we have something called Annual Learning Plans that teachers need to fill out each year ( as a part of their province-mandated performance appraisal. The idea is similar to what's been said here, except that it's on a yearly basis (too big a window, in my opinion) and it's an administrator who collects the forms - which touches on Chris' point. In the end, the system isn't actually all that effective because there are way too many teachers/forms for any real follow through to happen by either side. The process is largely one where teachers fill out the form because they have to, and Admin take a quick look at them when they're handed in and then never again.

I thought I would add the form as a template for people to look at, and then see if there are any other ideas on how to keep this kind of process from becoming a too bureaucratic.