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Adam commented on An Inherent Contradicion

P.s for those with little time to read a long post:

Idea - let your students give you a homework task. Revert roles once in a while.


Adam commented on An Inherent Contradicion

Hi Emma. It's definitely a tension that exists, I see it first hand in two schools here in Uruguay. A dependence on the traditions and values of the old that, in part because of their resilience in the face of innovation, are deemed to have 'stood the test of time' and are therefore most worth keeping. It's tricky, as I think that all innovation fundamentally comes about because of a reactionary push against routine. Think of great inventions, thinkers, ideas. They have all needed single, crazy moments of spontaneity that fuel them.

Talking in a more pragmatic way (because I hate staff meetings where there is a lot of talk and no action), I think showing students that teachers are plastic human beings who can adapt to change creates a culture of better interaction. I once asked my students to give ME a homework task. The subtle shifting of traditional relationship bought up some really cool ideas. It showed them (I hope) that I actually do love my subject, and would gladly research something in my own time if they have the time to question me about it.

That's one way I'm trying. But still trying to get my head around the innovation/ritual/contradiction thing...


Adam commented on Connection, Collaboration & Hesitation

Totally agree that there is a lovely sense of elusiveness about where it's going! But if you don't grab on for the ride...