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Jyoti commented on The Blank Plan

This is BRILLIANT Dominic -I love how you laid the whole thing out! 2 things I thought of as I read through.
Blank time at the beginning of the day - yes! How about at the end of the day as well? To bring some quiet and blankness to the end of what was probably a very rushed day - we do this in kindergarten with a morning meditation in the beginning of the day but also at the end before dismissal - it brings a lovely peaceful energy to the room and seriously, we could all use some of that!
Also, how about a blank page for each student at the start of a class (or at the end!) - similar to the idea of a blank wall but this would be individual to each student. they can use it for whatever (it doesn't have to be for writing thoughts, although it could be a journal page, or for drawing or working out an idea , it could become a paper sculpture, who knows? or it could stay blank ) - do they put it away? do they collect it? do they take it
I have blank mini books (made out of xerox paper) that the children can write in all year - and they can either save them, share them, take them home or recycle them once they are done with them.