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Molly commented on Parent Navigation

Theresa! So excited see you back pace setting in The Guild! Hope 2019 is off to a great start! Can't wait to hear about your new district!


Molly commented on My life in 12 pics

Cynthia -- I'm Molly from The Guild. It's wonderful to meet you through this assignment. You may have the coolest job...ever! As I consider your question of how to bring more these practices to your school, I'd love to see the photos and the journal of your students. And I bet your colleagues would as well. Those stories are so powerful and let's others know they can try new practices as well. Thanks so much for the inspiration today!


Molly commented on Empathy Assignment

Hi Jack! I'm Molly from The Teachers Guild. I would love to see the photos that students shared. It's amazing how other stories, meaning students stories, can help influence your leadership. And pictures often tell us more than words. Also, I thought you might find interesting Shadow a Student -- It's a nationwide invitation for school leaders to shadow a student for the day. Just thinking about ways to inspire even more empathy driven practices across your district. It's such an honor to learn with you!