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Dina commented on STEM Day

Kind of like a Maker Faire! Have you ever been to one? According to their site (if you just Google it), "they're part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new!" Would be fascinating to think about how you bring this to schools, vs. them historically being on weekends and parents have to bring their kids (oftentimes including admission fees).


Dina commented on #FAILtalks

I wonder if you see failure more in STEM-careers than you might in others? It seems like to get to an a-ha moment, you have to constantly fail, before you eventually get it right! So I think there's definitely something here w/ Failure + STEM... curious to explore more! 

Can you share examples? Would it be a technical-expert who has problems they need to solve, and maybe just acknowledging that problem for students would open their minds to opportunity? Or do you envision taking it one step further and students partnering with those experts to help solve these problems?