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Elizabeth commented on Seven Norms of Collaboration

Thank you for your comments, Erin and Michael! I didn't explain clearly!

Several of my norms encompass empathy including "Consider Another's Perspective" and "Presume Positive Intent." I think that these norms challenge students to have empathy, even if that word is not explicitly stated. I also appreciate your question about research... I don't know! I can only speak to my experience in that this group of students is different because of these norms. They display empathy constantly throughout the day stating things like "_______ is frustrating me, but I think maybe he is angry about _______" or when I am having a bad day, they might say "You know, Mrs. Fitz, sometimes we all get frustrated, have you tried.....?"

I would love to continue the dialogue as well as expand this idea. I'm always working on new social/emotional norms to add!!