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Kim commented on Create a Medicine Wheel

This idea has powerful potential Erin.  It would fit in well with teaching mindfulness and respect. 


Kim commented on Character through Building

Yes, I agree with you about this challenge being suitable for all age groups, but couldn't figure out how to check all of the boxes.  Roles could be assigned and rotated, especially if giving more than one task.  This would give all students, irrespective of popularity and natural talent, opportunities to contribute in various positions.  Thank you for the link, I will try to embed it properly into my post.

I teach in a school with a high English language learning population.  I think it would be beneficial to front load teach the necessary vocabulary and building roles.  Presenting a similar building task, with examples of experimenting, while problem solving, would increase understanding and success for those unable to imagine solutions after having only received verbal instructions.


Kim commented on HITRECORD

What a cool website and great collaboration idea Erin!