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Love it! Could be a G+ Community, could be a tack board in the teachers lounge...


Chris commented on 24/7 Support for Teachers and Students

Michael - thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to draft a contribution to the ideate phase. 

"No mandates" is all about relationships and results. The problem with mandates is that they too often end the conversation. Even with the best ideas, there is little room for iteration of the concept within the group after a mandate. A mandate almost always guarantees that the initiative will take longer to implement because. 

Perhaps we can incentivize learning (intrinsic and extrinsic). Reward risk, lead by example... "Be the change you want to see". I bet we could pull out several good ideas around this theme.


Chris commented on Does technology improve learning in schools?

I love the statement - it certainly gets my vote. I hope this leads to a discussion on how technology application can (1) make a purposeful and positive difference in education without (2) focusing solely on test scores to measure the positive outcomes.