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Kaleb commented on PBL the Adult Learning

Sure! Well, first implementation sounds way too formal for me! :) We just play. We start with a driving questions along with some sort of entry event, explore ideas, make stuff, present stuff, and reflect on the whole experience. 

What I've seen is teachers applying many of those practices in their classroom instruction with their kiddos. And, it's not because of some mandate from me that's for sure! I think it's because we've given them the freedom to do what they do best & use what makes sense to them as professionals...


Kaleb commented on Study Trips for Adults

Teachers who visited Qualcomm: Talked about the importance they place on knowing one's strengths, interests, values; being able to learn from failure, pivot quickly and adapt. Teachers shared that Qualcomm looks for “engaged workers who are productive and innovative”

Teachers who visited Intuit reported very similar ideas including knowing your strengths, being a "hacker, hustler, visionary, designer" who can "globally collaborate. They talked about kids who have "empathy, boldness, curiosity, a willingness to learn" and people who can "lead from behind" and tell stories magnificently!

A couple of examples


Kaleb commented on Study Trips for Adults

We've asked teachers to create digital products & present them to the teaching team. PBLing their learning professional learning.