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Cheryl commented on Inquiry & Design Lab

Saw your thought book. I'm going to start working on one also.
Questioning is difficult for most of my students. I have to give my students lists of questions grouped into categories. I also give them sentence starters when I want them to reflect on their designs. They need a list of "jobs/ tasks" to collaborate effectively. If I leave things too open-ended, the results are disappointing. Not failures that can inspire the next step, but no innovation or no work. Again going back to the need to structure play, but make the structure interesting for or invisible to students.


Cheryl commented on It's not failure; it's your launch into iteration.

Mindful criticism needs to be taught repeatedly, for students to really reflect and feel comfortable doing it. When you start, it's a struggle. And often we don't give it the time we should. Having some structure to the process is a great idea. I like the idea of gamifing the process. As an art teacher I have used the Feldman process. I think it can be applied to multiple disciplines. I'm going to mull over your questions and get back to you when I can.


Cheryl commented on Inquiry & Design Lab

I love the idea of thought books. I am always trying to get my students to make their thinking visible. Do you see these thought books as hard copy or digital? Or both? I'm an art teacher who teaches traditional art media and computer graphics. It's always a struggle to get students to brainstorm and do thumbnails to plan designs. We don't have tablets to use. Old school paper. Keep looking for ways to get students to understand the value of brainstorming, playing before they start on a design.