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Scott commented on Environmentalists Adrift

Sounds like a great project for communities located near the ocean. Having students do some research on environmental problems caused by the boating industry is a good focus, here's one piece on some of the problems associated with the cruise lines (being located in South Florida, we see stories from time to time about pollution associated with the big cruise industry here) - -


Scott commented on "Kids 2 Kids"

This could be useful for both the producers and the users - describe more about how this might be different from some of the work already out there and freely available like Khan Academy?


Scott commented on Design for future-proofing

Maggie, I've taken your ideas and put them in a table to reflect a kind of curriculum order for what you are doing. I think this may be helpful for identifying areas that may need further clarification (where I have questions) and I've also created a column where someone who lives in a coastal area outside NYC might consider adapting what you have done and substituting their own resources so that it is applicable to their area. I'll put a link here to the document that is housed on google drive so that you and others might access and edit - see what you think for moving this conversation forward: