Teacher Stories

Teacher Stories

Every teacher has an inner designer. Learn about their journey as they wrestle with challenges, navigate the design thinking process, and ultimately come up with impactful solutions for their students and schools.

Powerful Teacher Networks Offer Students the Best Classroom Practices

A secondary Science teacher shares how connecting with teaching colleagues beyond her classroom has pushed her thinking and her practice.

What Teachers Learn by Taking Risks

The Sonoma County Office of Education’s Technology & Innovation Specialist explains.

Designing For Process, Not Product

How Giving up Control Over Project Outcomes Helps Educators Learn with Students

Translating Empathy Into Impact

A Team of Chicago Teacher Designers Create a “College Cafe” to Improve the Post-Secondary Planning Culture in Their School

What Teachers Have Taught Us About Professional Development

4 Insights We’ve Learned After Speaking with Teachers

An Open Letter to Educators From TrueSchool Studio

We believe the best ideas in education will come from educators like you.

What Grabs You?

A meditation on different kinds of curiosities.

How Might We (Re)Define Creativity In Teaching?

Two educators reflect on the role and possibility of creativity in their profession.

What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Teachers, designers, administrators & students share their definitions and favorite examples of innovation.

Teaching As a Dynamic, Participatory and Creative Act

Two educators discuss the need for a different narrative and approach to teaching, learning and professional development.

Educator Duo Reflects on How Design Thinking Has Transformed Their Teaching

What does it mean to be a teacher designer? Two educators share their experiences.

One Teacher’s Journey to Becoming a Teacher Designer

Here is a teacher daring to design.

Create Fresh and Exciting Solutions to Old Problems

Teacher Coach: Jessica Lura

How Two Teachers are Radically Collaborating

Hear from two teachers who are choosing to do the work together, even when it’s harder or takes longer

Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Teacher Coach: James Campbell

Learn to Reframe Failure

Hear how one teacher designer is changing the way we think about failure in schools

Prototyping Rapidly, and Over the Course of Three Academic Years

Teacher Designer: Angi Chau

Empathize Deeply With Your Students

Teacher Coach: Michael Schurr

The Importance of Creating a Culture of Innovation

An interview with Liz Anderson, Google for Education team

Reframe Problems as Opportunities to Be Creative

Teacher Coach: Moss Pike

Meaningfully Linking the Home and the School

Teacher Designer: Jeremy Thompson

A Support System for Students and Teachers

Teacher Designer: Pia Awal