Have you been helping a client? Been on a call this week? Have somehting you have hearing for ever?

Have you had frustrations yourself? Discovered things in real time?

You can use this phase to share insight from qualitative or quantitative research.

And of course you can also surprise us!

Some great examples of research contributions:


Image title


Image title


Image title

Basic rules:

- Raw feedback is ok: you can add here an email, a conversation and even mix topics (there's no need to frame your insight as a story). Help us empathize with your client, tell us their story, rather than "a user story"

- If it's a feedback from a client or a lead, put their name followed by a colon at the beginning of your contribution's post (so it is visible as the inspiration for concepts). Ex: HP: Prelaunch Conversation ... or HBS: Judging Tools Feedback

- Don't jump to solutions: use this phase to explain what difficulty a client is experiencing, in which situation, why, rather than jumping right away to a possible feature/change on the platform.

- Make sure you add an image to your contribution - there a couple of tools you can use for this below.

- Don't forget to mention the source (the URL of the webpage you're mentioning, the data report, etc).


- Take screenshots with Dropbox, OneNote or just PrintScreen

- Create animated screenshot gifs with Gyazo Gif or LICEcapH