Learn the Process
and do it yourself

Design Thinking is an optimistic mindset and problem solving process to take action when faced with with difficult challenges. From curriculum and experiences, to spaces and tools, to processes and systems. ,the challenges teachers and schools are confronted with are real, complex, and varied. Design Thinking for Educators is the collaborative process that the Guild uses to break these challenges into smaller steps so we can create new solutions together.

You can use Design Thinking in your own school as well. If you'd like to explore how to problem solve your own challenges, download the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit to learn and practice the process.

There are 5 steps to the design thinking process:

I have a challenge.
How do I approach it?
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I learned something.
How do I interpret it?
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I see an opportunity.
What do I create?
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I have an idea.
How do I build it?
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I tried something.
How do I evolve it?
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