Once you have immersed yourself in inspiration,from end users, from analogous contexts, and from existing solutions in the world,it's time to search for the themes that are most compelling to you. Then work to frame these themes as opportunities for design.

Learn by Doing:

Find patterns and identify opportunities for new ideas by reviewing the inspirations in the Discovery phase. In the Guild, the Interpret phase is an offline workshop with the challenge host. But we encourage you to build this skill as we go.

Worksheet Reources:
inspiring stories

Review stories, quotes, photos, and other inspirations from the Discover phase. What does it tell you about the needs and motivations of people in the community?


Analyze the inspirations posted in the Discover phase and keep a look out for trends. What patterns do you see?


Find and prioritize the major themes in the patterns you identified. Which themes feel the most ripe for design solutions?