How Challenges Work

How Challenges Work

A big question

A challenge takes a problem and turns into an opportunity by breaking it into smaller steps. Throughout a challenge, we can share wisdom, build off each others ideas, and come up with new solutions that make real change for our students and school.

A scaffolded process

Each challenge lasts about 10 weeks and includes 5 problem solving phases. During each phase, you can contribute as much as you want, or just follow the conversation.

A community for collaboration

Throughout the challenge you can create on your own or as part of a team. Learn from each other's posts and get inspired by experimenting in your schools. When we work together, your ideas get better and ours do too.

A gallery for solutions

At the end of a challenge, we'll vote for our favorites. Whether they are your idea, or another's, we are all invited to adapt them for our schools, share how it worked, and post our learnings as inspiration for others.