It's one thing to come up with new ideas. But the real magic happens when you show prototypes to users and give yourself the opportunity to be surprised by how they react. Experimentation helps you get direct feedback: learning what people like, dislike, and wish for in the solutions you create. And if you keep your mind open, it can also be a moment to question your assumptions and collaborate with your users to push ideas in new directions.

Learn by Doing:

Get feedback on your idea by experimenting. Try ideas out, prototype them, and seek ways to improve. The key is be tangible. Feedback is better when there is something to react to a sketch, a physical product, a live prototype that can be experienced. Experiments are rough and rapid. Perfection is not required. It's a chance to learn from failure, and unexpected pitfalls become opportunities to learn.

Worksheet Reources:
Get user

Try out your favorite idea with users and create an setting that encourages open feedback. What are some ways to make your idea tangible so it's easy to respond to?


Invite users to experience your idea first hand with a rapid prototype. What are some quick and easy ways to test how it might work?