The Power of Place-Based Education

A major theme during the Ideate session at Lake was place-based education.

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How can we leverage the power of place to radically engage student curiosity? "Mountain learning days, beach learning days, improving the physical space of our school, camp outs"; all were ideas generated to answer our driving question. We do not have to be situated in a national park to implement place-based education. If we make the city of Vista/Oceanside the text, students can become active change makers and problem solvers in their community. Start with an inquiry into a community, identify problems, and revise/create curriculum to spark relevant learning. 

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

After conducting empathy interviews, it was clear that students seek to bust down the walls of the classroom. Many students in my class, as well as others who attended our Empathize design session, asked students students what makes learning fun and exciting. Nature/outdoors and learning about their own neighborhood were common themes amongst students.


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