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Announced May 10, 2018

Test + Iterate

Vista Unified SD  is embarking on a design journey to bring to life teacher-created solutions that meet the evolving needs of students. Join Vista educators and The Teachers Guild to design what it might look like to engage student curiosity so students can connect what they care about to what they do in school every day.

Test + Iterate

Get started!

  • Test: Put an idea into practice. Collect data and use to refine your idea! Tap a colleague to help you. 
  • Iterate: Refine your idea based on insight.  Synthesize insights from your test cycle. Use it to refine your idea for another round of testing. 


Contact Larry, a former teacher and The Guild's Impact and Learning Specialist.

All ideas must be tested before May 10.  

53 days left to contribute to the Test + Iterate phase

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