Standards "Bingo"

Students and teachers work together to set goals/choose standards for students to master.

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I choose essential standards for my English course and put them on a "bingo" card.  Then I met with students and we chose the standards that they would work on for the next few weeks.  We also worked together to create assignments  that went along with those standards. When students turned in work, we marked on the "bingo" card if they had mastered the skill.  If so, I wrote the name of the assignment in the box.  Once they showed mastery three times, we choose another standard.  I was worried that students would choose standards that were "easy" for them, but was pleasantly surprised that most students choose standards they really needed to improve on.  Throughout the term, we tried to hit all of the standards on the bingo card.

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Many of my students were tired of working on the same skills that they had already mastered. Others were bothered that we didn't spend enough time on skills they struggled with and they wanted more time to master those. They also wanted a chance to read texts on topics they were interested in.


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As a member of my site's Personalized Learning Challenge team, I'm learning more and more about how to design "Success Criteria" and how to incorporate student ideas into this process. I really like this idea, and I think I will try to incorporate this into my next writing unit for middle school ALL. Thank you.

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