Inaugural 10th Grade Poetry Gala

Spread awareness about important issues through poetry! Tapping into student strengths and interests.

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In light of the DT work and partnership with The Guild, my 10th grade team and I recreated our poetry unit and unit assessment, and held our Inaugural 10th Grade Poetry Gala! To radically engage student curiosity, students contemplated the question, "How might we spread awareness about social issues using poetry?" and researched social issues of interest/importance. Students created their own projects using only a PBL rubric. We used a Thrively strengths assessment so students could hone in on these strengths to create something they were proud of. Students presented these projects to an authentic audience that they felt would benefit the most from what they created, and we invited the entire school to come to our gala, thus making their work even more meaningful. 

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Student voice + choice = interest and meaning!


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